Jinja Attractions

Jinja Attractions

1. Bujagali Falls

Discover Uganda's best keep secret. More han four thousand miles in length, the mighty Nile is the longest on the planet. It roars to life as the White Nile (also known as the Victoria Nile) minutes after slipping quietly from Lake Victoria. Huge standing waves leap from the clear blue skies and rock walls vibrate from the power of the thundering rapids.

2. Rafting on the River Nile

warm water, massive waves, beautiful scenery, and year round sunshine charcterises white water rafting on the White Nile. Challenge the legendary 'Overtime' ( a 4.5 metre waterfall) and drop into 'The Bad Place' probably the largest commercial rafted hole in the world. Drift quietly in the calm pools between the rapids and marvel at the abundant bird life.

3. The Source of the Nile

The Nile river flows from Lake Victoria at what was the Rippon Falls and into Lake Kyoga. Still the Victoria Nile, it cuts a raucous passage west across Karuma Falls and through the narrow pillars of Murchison Falls towards Lake Albert. Finally the Albert Nile meanders along a slow wide corridor into Southern Sudan.

4. Bird Watching

5. Fishing

6. Boat Cruise

7. Kayaking

8. Horse Riding

9. Quad Biking

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