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Check in & Check-out Timing at BRISK Recreation Ltd at Hotel Triangle Jinja

If you are booking into our BRISK Recreation Ltd at Hotel Triangle in Jinja, do have a look at our check-in time which is at 3 pm and check-out timing which is at noon. We would like to inform our guests that there is no way we can make commitments regarding either early or late check-in, but as with all special requests we will be most happy to note it in your reservation and extend all the co-operation within our reach.

If we have the availability, and a guest is not scheduled to check-in to your room, we can offer late check-out. We would like our guest to take note of the fact that we charge a half-day rate (half of your current rate) for stretching your stay in your room until 6pm, and checking out after 6pm warrants a full day rate (based on the rate you are paying).

Again, late check-out is based on availability based on confirmation from the front office.

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